6th Grade Student Reflections


During the final weeks of the 2011-2012 school year, sixth grade students had the opportunity to consider and to share a series of reflections with their teachers, and with each other. Each student shared one such reflection during our final ceremony; here, you can see them all.

Please select a topic below:

1. How has a memorable experience during your time at Curtis helped to shape the person you’ve become?

2. How has an act of kindness — yours or someone else’s, at home or at school — made an impact on you?

3. What important skill have you learned from someone else, and how has that helped to shape the person you have become?

4. Do you hope to take a risk, or seize an opportunity, in secondary school? What is it, and why?


  • Maya H.

    One event that changed my life was in the very beginning of 3rd grade, when my parents told me they were going to get a divorce. Despite the fact I already knew that my parents were going to get a divorce, the news really changed my life. It obviously messed up the routine I was used to for the past 7 years because I had to live, have clothes, and different belongings at two separate houses. It also changed me on the inside because since then I disguise emotions like sadness and anger in front of my friends and teachers. But it has changed me more than just that. There are a couple friends who have helped me during this hard time, and they are the ones that I have loved throughout these last few years. They are the ones that will be impossible to leave.

  • Bella P

    I came to Curtis this year, and it was a really hard transition. However, before school started, my mom and I invited the girls in my class for a little pool party. Everyone there was so kind and inviting, I finally felt like I belonged. Now I feel more open with people and I don’t have to keep everything to myself, I’ve learned how to trust people and that’s really important.

    I came to Curtis because I wasn’t being treated the way I had wanted to be treated at my old school. At Curtis everyone was friendly and kind, a place where I wish I could stay for longer. Everyone in the sixth grade graduating class are awesome and I wish I could have stayed here longer and gotten to know everyone better.

    I learned from a friend that even if you only have one good friend it’s better than no friends at all. This shaped the way I think of my friends. I just look for one good friend and don’t worry about being the center of attention. This helped me a lot at Curtis because I am no longer upset when I’m not the center of attention.

    At Archer next year I want to try dance. It will be a risk for me since other people have been doing dance for much longer and I haven’t, but I still want to try it, do my best and show them what I can do.

  • Sophia B

    Throughout the years my friends have helped me and taught me different life lessons. They have affected they way in which I act and how I am now.

  • GrahamK

    I would like to try out for the basketball team. I would because I am very tall and am some what fast. The one challenge that worries me is about getting injured, but I’m willing to take a risk.

  • Justin T

    One of the most important things that shaped me as a person, was when I let my creativity flow. I am very interested in art and my friends said that it is a very fun way of expressing how you feel at the moment.

  • Mikey C

    After track one day I went on a hike with my friend. We saw Mr. Smails and thought we would be in trouble. Instead of running away I stayed and faced the consequences. I learned, you should own up to what you’ve done and be honest.

  • Mikey C

    My dad taught me to not be afraid to take a risk and not be afraid of anything and never give up. Like if I am playing a sport even if my team is down and there isn’t a lot of time left he taught me to keep on trying never give up.

  • Mikey C

    Whenever I am down and having a bad day this person always picks me and is always fun to be around so thank you.

  • Mikey C

    When I go to Harvard Westlake I expect to take the beat making class. 
I think this will be a big risk because it can change the rest of my life because I might like it and might want to pursue it when I am older.

  • Alexander K

    In the third grade I always sat on the bleachers for break, but someone encouraged me to play basketball with them. I felt welcome and started participate in much activities than break. All it took was a little help to actually feel good about being shy.

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